A campaign to benefit The Gathering Place of Cleveland, 

non-profit organization that supports, educates and 

empowers individuals and families touched by cancer.

Current Pledge Total:

$25.13 per mile
$2,703 flat donations

Welcome, and thanks for visiting 100 Miles For Life, a campaign to raise awareness and funds in support of an outstanding community services organization -- The Gathering Place, in Cleveland, Ohio. The mission of The Gathering Place is to provide assistance to those whose lives have been impacted by cancer. To support this worthwhile non-profit organization, Ted Friedman will be competing in the 2014 NorthCoast 24 on September 20-21. We hope you will take a few minutes to read about this great organization, and see why we're dedicating this race to raising funds for its annual operating budget. If you believe in the importance of an organization like this, or perhaps have yourself been touched by cancer, please consider sponsoring us in this effort by pledging a donation. Together we can help The Gathering Place continue to deliver assistance to individuals and families in need. Thanks for your time and interest!

Burning River 100, 2014